Slumber Party Wins New Version For the Holidays At Sheraton Barra

The new trend in children’s celebrations is present the kids with a more exclusive experience along with the best of friends. And in the school holidays this year, the Sheraton Barra, located in Barra da Tijuca Beach, gives a power to the parents who are in search of a creative programming for children, birthday celebration and especially for those who do not have the space at home to house the entire troupe.

A pioneer in this type of event, the Sheraton Barra offers a new version of the traditional slumber parties, with a special package with many novelties for young and teenage girls. The tip is valid both for tourists and for residents of Rio de Janeiro, which have sought each time for this service offered by the hotel’s prime location on praia da Barra and all rooms with sea views.

The children’s celebration aims not only to children, but birthday celebrations like the Day, celebrated on July 20, and day is one more option of fun during the holidays. The suites where happen the slumber parties up to 10 people and can receive custom tents, in addition to special and differentiated menus to suit any taste. If the option is to celebrate birthday, the host gets a personalized robe by the name, a pair of slippers and an activity to play with friends. The group can still make use of the hotel’s Beach service, access to heated pool and take a delicious breakfast in the Terral Restaurant.

For the convenience of parents, reservations and special requests can be made through the website or whatsapp. In 2016, there were more than 40 Pajama nights at Sheraton Barra. From February to May this year, were 31 slumber parties.

The price of the mimo depends on the choice made by the parent or child, which can be with or without decoration, custom tents, special menu and other additional applications. The value for commemoration in the villas, which will depend on the category and package chosen, starting from R $800.00.